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Review Date: 10/29/2021 | Author: Richard M.

Comments: Honest folks!

Review Date: 10/26/2021 | Author: Simon S.

Comments: Great job!

Review Date: 08/14/2021 | Author: Donna T.

Comments: Not only did they replace a few windows they cleaned all the windows even those they didnâ t replace.

Review Date: 04/08/2021 | Author: Abi L.

Comments: Pro

Review Date: 11/15/2020 | Author: Kenyetta H.

Comments: Very professional

Review Date: 09/18/2020 | Author: Sharon H.

Comments: Polite and professional. Highly recommended.

Review Date: 06/06/2020 | Author: Cynthia B.

Comments: Great Father & Son team. The quote was good and the rep are job excellent

Review Date: 06/02/2020 | Author: Julia O.

Comments: Excellent work. Fixed my windows with failed seals for a reasonable price and with quality workmanship. Professional and punctual.

Review Date: 05/07/2020 | Author: Robert H.

Comments: Did a great job, replaced broken window quickly and at a great price. Will definately use them again if needed.

Review Date: 04/18/2020 | Author: Valarie T.

Comments: Not only did I get a quick response but they came out and did the repair on the same day. No giving a estimate then coming back a week later. Everything done in one day. Great response, good work & reasonably priced. Will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 03/25/2020 | Author: Sarah Y.

Comments: They offered a couple of options to fix our broken window. Mr Boston was very pleasant to work on. The worker arrived on time and did the work as promised.

Review Date: 01/15/2020 | Author: Lucy S.

Review Date: 01/08/2020 | Author: Ross C.

Comments: Spectacular! In the driving snow Jeremiah replaced 2-8x11 window panes, one behind a large storm window that need to be removed, for installation. Been staring at the broken glass for years trying to figure out how it came apart, one look and Jeremiah knew it had to be done from the outside...and that is why I hired a pro.

Review Date: 12/20/2019 | Author: Galia S.

Comments: They were excellent; easy to work with, quick turn around, and seemed like a good value.

Review Date: 12/19/2019 | Author: Lawrence H.

Comments: On time, quality work.

Review Date: 11/20/2019 | Author: Erik C.

Comments: Great small business company. They worked me into they daily schedule same day. They explained the repair, were very professional and I highly recommend them for any of your glass needs.

Review Date: 11/07/2019 | Author: Richard K.

Comments: They went above and beyond to help me. Fast, efficient service and I will use them again. Needed a specialty sidelite replaced and they came out the same day I called to measure the window. Will recommend them to anyone who appreciates quality service.

Review Date: 09/08/2019 | Author: Zinah M.

Comments: Boston window was honest, responsive and took care of my window right away. If I ever have a need for similar work I would hire them again.

Review Date: 09/06/2019 | Author: Sarah C.

Comments: Contacted quickly, and work was done quickly too, much appreciated when my toddler broke the kitchen window. Would have preferred a neater job with the sealant on the window panes, but I can t fault speed or price! Would (and probably will) use again.

Review Date: 09/03/2019 | Author: Kevin B.

Comments: Courteous, competent, prompt, reasonably priced.

Review Date: 08/27/2019 | Author: Tim B.

Comments: Timely, courteous and responsibly priced

Review Date: 08/23/2019 | Author: Vinc M.

Comments: Good friendly service.

Review Date: 08/16/2019 | Author: Robert L.

Comments: They were prompt and did excellent work quickly.

Review Date: 07/30/2019 | Author: Sondra B.

Comments: Would definitely recommend this company. Price was reasonable and they were on time and cleaned up afterward.

Review Date: 07/25/2019 | Author: John A.

Comments: Fast friendly and cleaned up afterwards ill use them again

Review Date: 07/13/2019 | Author: Tanisha L.

Comments: Great experience! They got to me very fast. The service tech came to my house to give a quote and told me he could fix it on the spot if I wanted. I am moving so I needed the window fixed ASAP. About 30-45 minutes later new window! Looks great! I definitely recommend them.

Review Date: 06/27/2019 | Author: Akeha G.

Comments: Very good family business. Would definitely recommend this company. Very good workmanship and price was reasonable.

Review Date: 05/31/2019 | Author: Kara L.

Comments: Excellent service. Fast response.

Review Date: 05/27/2019 | Author: Larry T.

Comments: Honest small owned company.

Review Date: 05/21/2019 | Author: Milton M.

Comments: whey wore very good would use them again

Review Date: 05/09/2019 | Author: Thomas S.

Review Date: 05/07/2019 | Author: Terry F.

Comments: The Boston's are awesome. William provided great customer friendly service and Jeremiah (the son), is a hard worker, very polite and did a fantastic job. Thanks!!!

Review Date: 05/07/2019 | Author: Lonnie H.

Comments: The agent responded timely and did a great job in a relatively short period of time. The agent arrived within the time frame noted by the dispatcher. I received a call from the dispatcher notifying me that the agent was on the way.

Review Date: 05/02/2019 | Author: Melinda L.

Comments: They repaired two windows I thought I would have to replace.

Review Date: 05/01/2019 | Author: Mary S.

Comments: it was a good price & I was satisfied with their work

Review Date: 04/30/2019 | Author: Tomeka H.

Review Date: 04/15/2019 | Author: Michael P.

Comments: Very professional and pleasant staff.

Review Date: 04/11/2019 | Author: Melekte T.

Comments: Great company. They were very quick and efficient. I called them to replace the glass on a broken window on a condo I am selling. They were able to go over same day, send me a quote ASAP. Once I was ready to do the work, they replaced the glass on site and the work was great.

Review Date: 04/02/2019 | Author: Camilla P.

Comments: They were booked and when there was an empty spot they called me as promised. Though I was at work they waited for me. FOR THAT I appreciate it. My commute was a tad long.

Review Date: 04/02/2019 | Author: Soo L.

Review Date: 02/27/2019 | Author: Elizabeth H.

Review Date: 02/24/2019 | Author: John L.

Comments: Jeremiah came out the following morning, provided a competitive quote and completed the job all in one stop. Good Service and quality work.

Review Date: 02/23/2019 | Author: Ben R.

Comments: Jeremiah was a professional! He was on time, knowledgeable, and very polite and friendly. He, actually, did the whole job on-site---custom cut and replaced the glass in less than one hour. Thanks to him and to William, who helped with scheduling and invoicing. I would recommend Boston Window and Door Co. to anyone.

Review Date: 02/22/2019 | Author: James S.

Comments: Wow! Job arranged planned and completed within an hour! Great customer service. Timely updates.

Review Date: 02/15/2019 | Author: Franklin C.

Comments: Great service!

Review Date: 02/07/2019 | Author: Pattrice P.

Review Date: 01/23/2019 | Author: Mary R.

Comments: Great people to work with. Very accommodating and helpful. I'm very happy with everything.

Review Date: 01/16/2019 | Author: Sukhbir J.

Comments: Very Professional and curtious. Jeremiah came in for measurement same day and fixed three broken panes in three hours. Highly recommend for window repairs!!

Review Date: 01/10/2019 | Author: Roger W.

Comments: Fantastic experience working with the owner Bill & his son Jeremiah. Bill was very knowledgeable & easy to speak with about the window issues I needed to get done to sell my home. His son went to my house the very next day to look at what needed to be done and called to provide me with an estimate while he was there. I was very happy with the price and he was able to fix the windows on the spot! I called Bill to make the payment by credit card over the phone. Within 2 hours, everything was done! WOW!

Review Date: 12/23/2018 | Author: Warren I.

Comments: job well done

Review Date: 12/21/2018 | Author: Martha B.

Comments: Excellent work and nice to work with

Review Date: 12/05/2018 | Author: Lisa G.

Comments: This was a last minute project and I did not have that much time to get it done. They were able to setup an appointment quickly and replaced my window the same day. I would definitely recommend them

Review Date: 12/03/2018 | Author: Bryan D.

Comments: They showed up on time, provided excellent explanations for the work. The worker that showed up was polite, fast, and knowledgeable!!!

Review Date: 11/22/2018 | Author: Clare D.

Comments: Jeremiah and William tried to replace a glass it they saw that the casing was warped and the window needed replacement. They tried, knew they could not, informed me and would not allow me to pay them. They gave me their time and knowledge yes I would hire them in a second.

Review Date: 11/09/2018 | Author: Ethel N.

Comments: Timely and professional

Review Date: 10/31/2018 | Author: Mary R.

Review Date: 10/30/2018 | Author: Richard F.

Review Date: 10/26/2018 | Author: Marty C.

Comments: They showed up very quickly, a young man took a look at the window pane that had to be replaced and he got to work immediately and it was fixed in a half hour. He did it even as it was getting pretty dark. Very happy with Boston Window.

Review Date: 10/10/2018 | Author: Joe H.

Comments: Came to the job on time. Did a great job relpacing a broken window pane. Looks as good as new. Could not have asked for,better.

Review Date: 10/04/2018 | Author: Co B.

Comments: good work, done quickly, with courtesy

Review Date: 09/15/2018 | Author: Donald R.

Comments: Very satisfied with the short notice response and workmanship for replacing a broken window glass pane. This involved removing the upper window from the track and replacing the broken pane.

Review Date: 09/07/2018 | Author: Steve D.

Comments: They scheduled me for an estimate. Someone came out at the appointed time. They emailed me an estimate on a PDF file and the guy they sent out was able to repair my windows on the spot. The two damaged panes they replaced looked great. They were very likite and professional.

Review Date: 09/06/2018 | Author: Erin G.

Review Date: 08/29/2018 | Author: Danita C.

Comments: Helpful.

Review Date: 08/27/2018 | Author: Mark S.

Comments: They were timely, honest and totally excellent!

Review Date: 08/14/2018 | Author: Margie B.

Review Date: 08/05/2018 | Author: Angelo W.

Comments: Nothing

Review Date: 07/31/2018 | Author: Stella O.

Review Date: 07/15/2018 | Author: Barry G.

Comments: fast. experienced and reasonable

Review Date: 07/09/2018 | Author: Brian P.

Comments: They did a good job.

Review Date: 07/01/2018 | Author: Milton C.

Review Date: 06/30/2018 | Author: Sandy or bob H.

Comments: I contacted Home Adviser to find someone to repair broken window glass. I received a contact immediately from Boston Window and Door Company and they fixed my window the next morning. Can't beat that service! I will definitely use and recommend them and Home Adviser to my friends and family.

Review Date: 06/28/2018 | Author: Mary ann C.

Comments: The owner was pleasant.

Review Date: 06/22/2018 | Author: Charleta F.

Comments: Very professional during all aspects of the job. Time required to do such an excellent job was minimal.

Review Date: 06/21/2018 | Author: Jack H.

Comments: Initial communication was poor; however, once scheduled the work was done professionally and efficiently.

Review Date: 06/19/2018 | Author: Joe T.

Comments: Will was extremely helpful and prompt in getting not only a repairman out that day but also ordering the replacement parts and installed quickly. My Realtor was so impressed that he asked for their contact information which I gladly provided,

Review Date: 06/04/2018 | Author: Jay C.

Comments: Fast and quality workmanship! Same day repair!

Review Date: 06/01/2018 | Author: Camela L.

Comments: A little pricey but got the job done in same day

Review Date: 06/01/2018 | Author: Richard G.

Comments: Very professional, competent and efficient.

Review Date: 05/31/2018 | Author: Brenna R.

Comments: very professional and knowledgeable!

Review Date: 05/30/2018 | Author: Nikita M.

Comments: They were very professional and helpful.

Review Date: 05/22/2018 | Author: Marcylin S.

Comments: Outstanding Service, thank you!

Review Date: 05/22/2018 | Author: Richard H.

Comments: Professional, pleasant and resonable

Review Date: 05/09/2018 | Author: Daniel H.

Comments: Quick response and same day service. Just what I needed.

Review Date: 05/06/2018 | Author: Tim S.

Comments: This company did what they said they would do, for a fair price.

Review Date: 04/30/2018 | Author: Kris P.

Comments: Showed up on time and the installation went well. The installer had to return later to install the screen, but everything worked out well. Would use again!

Review Date: 04/19/2018 | Author: Dallison H.

Comments: Great service and reasonably priced.

Review Date: 04/19/2018 | Author: Peter W.

Comments: Exceptional service quality and availability to answer any questions. Very flexible and went above and beyond to make my dates

Review Date: 04/17/2018 | Author: David F.

Comments: Very good service, reasonably priced.

Review Date: 04/09/2018 | Author: Mary V.

Comments: Very honest people. They were prompt. Would recommend them to anybody, very honest people.

Review Date: 04/05/2018 | Author: Cesar M.

Comments: Excelent professional servide

Review Date: 04/05/2018 | Author: John R.

Comments: Good fast service

Review Date: 04/04/2018 | Author: George S.

Review Date: 04/03/2018 | Author: Philip C.

Comments: On time professional. Great after job cleanup.

Review Date: 04/01/2018 | Author: Wayne G.

Review Date: 03/29/2018 | Author: Marieann B.

Comments: Easy to work with and the best and most affordable price. Will definitely work with them again.

Review Date: 03/29/2018 | Author: Leland N.

Comments: Very fast service. I thought i knew what I wanted with my repair and was properly educated in what was needed. The cost of repairing my two broken glass doors was less than buying a replacement for just one.

Review Date: 03/26/2018 | Author: Florence G.

Review Date: 03/18/2018 | Author: Anne P.

Comments: fine

Review Date: 03/10/2018 | Author: Princess G.

Comments: The window pane had to be ordered. Although it took some time for the pane to arrive, Boston Windows called and installed the pane the same day. The installers were professional and cleaned up afterwards. Good work and good price. I would recommend them to others. (Please do not use my name in your reviews.)

Review Date: 03/07/2018 | Author: Giovanni C.

Comments: Boston Window was very professional, we were pleased with the customer care and excellent work. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Review Date: 02/24/2018 | Author: Apurve M.

Comments: Good work

Review Date: 02/20/2018 | Author: Dana M.

Comments: The installer what one of a kind to work with. He explain every step of the process and show how professional he can be. I hope the rest of the staff has what he showed.

Review Date: 02/20/2018 | Author: Terry S.

Comments: Called, estimated, replaced same day service! Prompt, professional, reasonably priced even cleaned up broken glass they didn’t make! Highly recommended.

Review Date: 02/05/2018 | Author: Jennifer W.

Comments: William and his team are very reliable, professional, and prompt in repairing my broken window. I would definitely hire them again.

Review Date: 01/27/2018 | Author: Roger M.

Comments: They were excellent and did a fantastic job. Mr. Boston was very knowledgable and answered all my questions. They were able to replace a double pane glass in a window which is no longer made. Once we committed the job was promptly completed. My only complaint is we would have liked a little more certainty on the time they would arrive on the day they did the repair.

Review Date: 01/25/2018 | Author: Igor K.

Comments: A little pricey but they were immediately responsive, professional and came out to do the job right before Christmas. Happy the job was done so efficiently however a little expensive.

Review Date: 01/20/2018 | Author: Jesse M.

Comments: Home Advisor sent them my information. I was contacted within half an hour and a technician was out doing measurements that same day. My window was a custom size so it took about a week to come in but once it did they contacted me to schedule the install and we’re available exactly when I needed.

Review Date: 01/15/2018 | Author: John P.

Comments: Prompt response, quick repair, reasonably priced, and cleaned up after work. What else can you ask for?

Review Date: 01/12/2018 | Author: Vali N.

Comments: Great company. On time as promised. Professional team that replaced my sliding door glass was top notch. I highly recommend this company for good value and great well done job.

Review Date: 01/09/2018 | Author: Gary H.

Comments: Easy to work with, quick response, and very professional

Review Date: 01/02/2018 | Author: Jada T.

Comments: "They do great work, will be using them again"

Review Date: 12/21/2017 | Author: Charles W.

Comments: I needed 5 windows replaced in my house. the company performed the replacement promptly ( a day after contact) and the work was first rate.

Review Date: 12/11/2017 | Author: Leslie binkley B.

Comments: They contacted me quickly after I requested names of repair companies. As I wanted the repair done ASAP, they got the job. The installer was quick, efficient and pleasant. Overall I am happy with their work and would recommend them.

Review Date: 12/07/2017 | Author: Nekisha R.

Comments: They were very efficient, got it done quickly, and they were great to work with. I am very pleased!!

Review Date: 11/30/2017 | Author: Evelyn W.

Comments: very professional work

Review Date: 11/22/2017 | Author: Mary M.

Comments: We needed to have the putty replaced for a window pane, it was a small repair but they did a great job and fit into our schedule quickly.

Review Date: 11/16/2017 | Author: Robert B.

Review Date: 11/07/2017 | Author: Ronnie T.

Comments: The repair person was very professional and efficient. I am pleased with the replacement of my window glass!

Review Date: 11/07/2017 | Author: Mauricio M.

Comments: good job

Review Date: 11/02/2017 | Author: John J.

Comments: Same day estimate and replacement of thermopane glass in sliding door done three days later. Price was reasonable and quality of work was high considering a very old slider.

Review Date: 11/02/2017 | Author: Lisa G.

Comments: Mr. Boston and his team replaced huge greenhouse windows, repaired broken glass, installed insulated glass where needed. FABULOUS company to work with. You don't want to break glass, but if ever you do, call this company. They're terrific.

Review Date: 10/28/2017 | Author: Basak G.

Review Date: 10/18/2017 | Author: Tashia C.

Comments: Called to get an estimate to replace a home window. Mr. Boston offered to have someone come out the same day and allowed us to pay after the work was completed.

Review Date: 10/13/2017 | Author: Basak G.

Comments: We had an emergency. I called him at 1pm and window was fixed at 5pm. I can't thank them enough!

Review Date: 10/08/2017 | Author: Barbara H.

Comments: Quick response, good work, good customer service.

Review Date: 10/02/2017 | Author: Larry L.

Comments: good job

Review Date: 09/20/2017 | Author: Ericka C.

Comments: Did a great job.

Review Date: 09/14/2017 | Author: Richard E.

Comments: Immediate response and completion of repair. Very clean work performance and respect for my home. Courteous and outstanding service.

Review Date: 09/12/2017 | Author: Michele S.

Comments: I was pleased with the service, communication, and efficiency!!!

Review Date: 09/07/2017 | Author: Jill F.

Comments: It was such a refreshing change to work with this company. Their price was significantly less than the other estimates, and the owner of the company was trusting that he did not require a deposit to order the replacement window, only your word that you accept the invoiced amount. I will definitely use this company again and will recommend to everyone.

Review Date: 09/01/2017 | Author: Raj M.

Comments: The young man Jeremy, who came to replace a kitchen window glass that was cracked and a semi circle window that was broken by a bird flying into it , worked quietly and efficiently. He cut out the broken glass and then took exact measurements and left to cut the glass. He came back 2 hours later and put the glass in. Surprisingly he did not have an invoice slip with him and I gave him a check from the original estimate . The company will mail the invoice for our records.

Review Date: 08/31/2017 | Author: Gil B.

Review Date: 08/28/2017 | Author: Tammy J.

Comments: They were very professional and punctual. They did a great job, the price was unbeatable and am a satisfied customer who would use them again!

Review Date: 08/20/2017 | Author: Kamaal M.

Comments: They were peunctuanla and got the job done

Review Date: 08/14/2017 | Author: James S.

Comments: They were on time a did what they promised for a great price! I am very happy with the work performed and would use them again! Most places I call said they would have to order the glass, but they got my glass the next day!

Review Date: 08/10/2017 | Author: Mike M.

Comments: I was happy with the work, but they were late, I understand things happen, but things were cancelled to accommodate. I Was happy with the work, and I would call him again.

Review Date: 08/09/2017 | Author: Marlene S.

Comments: Very professional. On time. Helpful. Great company.

Review Date: 08/06/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Did a great job replacing the glass in a double pane low-E Anderson casement window.

Review Date: 08/04/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I received same day service and I will use the company again.

Review Date: 08/03/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very pleased with the work

Review Date: 07/21/2017 | Author: Allyn H.

Comments: Boston window and door company were very professional timely courteous and friendly. They kept us informed every step of the way they cleaned up after themselves. And I would recommend them to anyone who we are looking for glass services.

Review Date: 07/19/2017 | Author: Mary A.

Comments: They did outstanding service.

Review Date: 07/19/2017 | Author: Stacy S.

Comments: Repaired/replace the glass on a window of my home. Excellent courteous, friendly service. Will definitely use again.

Review Date: 07/17/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were fast, neat and did a professional job. Their pricing was quite reasonable and I would hire them again in a minute.

Review Date: 07/16/2017 | Author: Nancy O.

Comments: Responded quickly after initial call. Came out same day. Immediately knew the problem, ordered the parts and came out the following week to install. Was done quickly, very personable. Would call again if needed.

Review Date: 07/07/2017 | Author: Frederick Z.

Comments: Fast. Explained all that was to be done. Manners, professional, efficient and detail oriented. Great job.

Review Date: 07/07/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very good

Review Date: 07/02/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job.

Review Date: 06/29/2017 | Author: Cheryl L.

Comments: very nice, professional, efficient and detail oriented

Review Date: 06/29/2017 | Author: Bill S.

Comments: Very responsive, did great job.

Review Date: 06/20/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The installation of the windows went fine. However, they need to hire someone to respond to their emails on a timely bases, and answer their phone calls and keep their voicemail box clear so you can leave a voicemail message.

Review Date: 06/09/2017 | Author: Sandra M.

Comments: Thank you for being there when we needed you, Mr. Boston and team. And better still, thank you for a great job! Even though our job was not considered a large job, the Boston team worked as professionals and I would recommend this company.

Review Date: 06/05/2017 | Author: Barbara B.

Comments: Very pleased with the window(s) replacement job. There was a delay between approving the cost estimate and the actual work being done but only one phone call was needed "to get the ball rolling." Felt very comfortable working with Boston Window.

Review Date: 06/04/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: it took them a long time to call me back so i called several times before someone would come out which i thought was odd

Review Date: 06/01/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They seemed a bit unorganized over the phone, but they did a fantastic job.

Review Date: 06/01/2017 | Author: Tamara K.

Review Date: 05/06/2017 | Author: Tahisha W.

Comments: Boston windows customer service was FABULOUS!!! I couldn't have asked for a better company to deal with and the quality of work is superb! They also worked in a timely fashion. I would recommend this company to anybody that needs glass repair.

Review Date: 05/04/2017 | Author: Mike O.

Comments: Great communication. I knew every step of their plan.

Review Date: 04/26/2017 | Author: Jocelyn H.

Comments: Mr. Boston was great! He responds promptly and gets right to work. He did whatever he could to make the process as convenient and simple for me as possible. The work was done quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend him to others in the future.

Review Date: 04/25/2017 | Author: Marcus C.

Comments: They were friendly, professional, efficient, and I'm looking to do some additional work with them shortly. Everything went well and was really straightforward.

Review Date: 04/19/2017 | Author: Delton B.

Comments: very satisfied with service. They finished repairing the glass the same day as I talked to them

Review Date: 04/16/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Working with this business was a wonderful experience. Due to the critical time of my upcoming move, the emergency work was arranged and completed on the same day! Price was reasonable and very timely. Highly recommend this business.

Review Date: 04/09/2017 | Author: Rosa W.

Comments: I needed only the pane replaced. it's challenging to find a window repair service. Most company's want to sell customers a complete window w/a min. number. apparently the job was too small but Boston came to my home took the window out, and in two hours returned with the repaired window. A GREAT company. Personable, I can't say enough nice things about Boston Window and Door.:-)

Review Date: 03/12/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Solid work.

Review Date: 03/10/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very friendly came out next day and final price was lower then estimate. I will use them again. We are very satisfied.

Review Date: 03/09/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Professional and People Friendly!!!

Review Date: 03/03/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Work was done on 2/22/17 it's now 3/3/17 and still don't have my receipt yet.

Review Date: 02/21/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Boston Window and Door Company were quick and efficient. The customer service was fantastic and the job was of excellent quality. We wouldn't hesitate to hire them again and will definitely be recommending them to our friends!

Review Date: 02/21/2017 | Author: Christopher C.

Comments: They were quick and exceptional.

Review Date: 02/14/2017 | Author: Ronald T.

Review Date: 02/07/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He came right out and did the measuring and did the work.

Review Date: 02/04/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The company was professional in providing the service needed.

Review Date: 02/01/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very professional.

Review Date: 01/24/2017 | Author: Andre D.

Comments: They are truly Professional on All levels including time management, Quality of work/materials, No games or confusion experienced.

Review Date: 01/16/2017 | Author: Vicki H.

Comments: I put in the request for a window repair and Mr. Boston called me and came a couple hours later to give me an estimate. it was a Sunday evening. He was cheaper and way better than the local company I previously used. Had my window repaired and reinstalled by 2 pm next day. He was awesome!

Review Date: 01/13/2017 | Author: Pamela V.

Comments: very pleased

Review Date: 01/11/2017 | Author: Jerome D.

Comments: William came by on a Sunday to provide an estimate to replace a broken window. His tech came out the next morning and repaired the glass. Looks like new. Great service. Would highly recommend.

Review Date: 01/08/2017 | Author: Reka A.

Review Date: 12/27/2016 | Author: Joyce G.

Review Date: 12/22/2016 | Author: Mrs W.

Comments: I was impressed, when I was told that it could be done in one day, I said really and ok let's do it, I love there work , the gentleman was very courteous, fast , productive and no heat was lost, Lol , I would tell everyone about this company, I hope to do more business in the near future. Remember the person who took the call was most important as the installer because if it was not for his good customer service I would had missed out, and then secondary the installer who did such an expertise job, Thanks you Boston Glass job well done!

Review Date: 12/09/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They did a great job, I had a custom glass door and they were able to repair it.

Review Date: 12/05/2016 | Author: Julia J.

Comments: I chose Boston over the other because he immediately put his quote in writing. I gave him the dimensions of the window pane. However, after the job was done he added $40. ($265) more because he said the window was larger. (it's a standard size). He reused the Grid. I paid him $245. Below is the quote he gave me: Code Description Quantity Rate Amount IGU Furnish,Construct,Install dual insulated glass panel in place of existing broken 1.00 $245.00 or seal failed unit. $245.00 GRID New unit to include internal aluminum grids or reuse to match existing color and $25.00 pattern. CD Less Customer Discount 1.00 ($20.00) ($20.00)

Review Date: 12/04/2016 | Author: Tim W.

Comments: Very responsive, very responsible, and very courteous. I don't have an informed opinion on value for money since I only got one bid for my small job, but I felt the price was completely fair in light of work done, as well as the responsiveness and availability of the service.

Review Date: 11/24/2016 | Author: Sharon B.

Comments: Quick responsiveness and turn around.

Review Date: 11/18/2016 | Author: Kathie H.

Comments: they responded immediately and I would recommend them to anyone....I am very pleased with their work.

Review Date: 11/14/2016 | Author: Patricia P.

Comments: They were very professional, service was great, installation crew were great and cleaned up everything. I would recommend them to everybody prices were great and work was completed in very little time. Going to contact them for some other home improvements projects that i would like to have done after the holidays.

Review Date: 11/09/2016 | Author: Valarie N.

Comments: Prompt, polite, thorough, professional.

Review Date: 11/04/2016 | Author: Daphne M.

Comments: Great customer service expedient work

Review Date: 10/04/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Excellent service at a reasonable price.

Review Date: 09/06/2016 | Author: Danielle H.

Comments: We have several properties and use them for all. They are extremely reasonable and extremely responsive. They have always responded same day for emergencies which is very impressive to me. They take really good care of us. The owner is extremely understanding. Can't rate this company high enough.

Review Date: 08/16/2016 | Author: Carol H.

Comments: Customer Service was excellent. They did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. The price was reasonable as well.

Review Date: 08/09/2016 | Author: Vikki A.

Comments: I had broken glass in 3 windows replaced. Mr. Boston responded very quickly to my initial request - the quality of the work was excellent - the job was done in a very efficient and timely manner - great customer communication and service - very fair price. I would highly recommend this company!

Review Date: 08/08/2016 | Author: Marvin L.

Comments: Fast response, great work quality and professional service.

Review Date: 06/16/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job

Review Date: 06/04/2016 | Author: Lourdes S.

Comments: I left a message for the company, within a half hour I received a call from them. Four hours later the project was completed in a very professional manner. Very satisfied and would recommend to others

Review Date: 06/02/2016 | Author: Spencer M.

Comments: Good customer service

Review Date: 06/02/2016 | Author: Ellen W.

Comments: I was very happy with the work performed by Boston Window. I had glass replaced in several windows due to broken seals. Mr. Boston came out shortly after I spoke with him. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I will gladly use them again and refer them to others without reservation.

Review Date: 05/24/2016 | Author: Nicole A.

Comments: Mr. Boston is an awesome professional! He contacted us shortly after getting on your website. Visited us promptly. Took care of that window, replaced the glass., re-install the window; all in a short period of time, that same afternoon, with no fuss and at a reasonable price. Excellent, friendly, professional, clean, quality service! Mr. Boston is a keeper. I am more than happy to recommend him and your great website to family, friends and that realtor agent living down the street from me. Thank you again. I am very pleased and satisfied.

Review Date: 05/15/2016 | Author: Monica T.

Comments: Monica &Willie T. in Landover, MD Project: Window Glass Replacement We had prompt response, friendly and professional service. We were very happy with the service and will use them again and tell Friends & Family.

Review Date: 05/12/2016 | Author: John M.

Comments: Awesome

Review Date: 05/06/2016 | Author: Thomas F.

Comments: Showed up on time with all the necessary supplies & equipment. The work was well done & very professional.

Review Date: 05/04/2016 | Author: Jean M.

Comments: 4 windows of glass replaced (including 2 Andersens) and 2 sliders. Nice price, quickly completed and no mess or bother. Thanks

Review Date: 04/29/2016 | Author: Holly G.

Comments: Prompt response to my request. Accurate estimate given. The person who performed the work was prompt, courteous and professional. I was very happy with the work. I will definitely use them in the future.

Review Date: 04/20/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I already reviewed - your system must be messed up

Review Date: 04/14/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They are Quick

Review Date: 04/11/2016 | Author: Robert J.

Comments: Mr. Boston replied very quickly to our inquiry as well as replaced the window the same day.

Review Date: 04/11/2016 | Author: Lesley K.

Comments: You rarely get good service, good product and good price all at the same time but I feel as though I did with Boston Window. My repair was done fast (1 day) by courteous people and for a fair price.

Review Date: 04/10/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He is charges is too much for the job.

Review Date: 04/05/2016 | Author: Georgia C.

Comments: Very professional and extremely efficient!

Review Date: 03/22/2016 | Author: Jay S.

Comments: very satisfied and can contact him directly. Top notch guy very happy for your help.

Review Date: 03/15/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Prompt reply to original inquiry. Only one week for measurement and estimate on-site and then to completion of project. I'm happy.

Review Date: 03/14/2016 | Author: Lowell D.

Comments: great work great customer service

Review Date: 03/12/2016 | Author: Patrick S.

Comments: Hard to rate the value for money as I've never had this type work done before. Was responsive, informative, courteous and timely. I would use Boston Window again.

Review Date: 03/04/2016 | Author: Yvonne M.

Comments: Was very pleased I would recommend to friends and relatives.Very courteous and professional wil call again for everything glass related

Review Date: 02/25/2016 | Author: Prashant D.

Comments: Second time using them over years and excellent service.

Review Date: 02/15/2016 | Author: Ginger B.

Comments: Very nice and professional.

Review Date: 02/05/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: N/A

Review Date: 01/11/2016 | Author: Alaina A.

Comments: My window cracked on New Years Eve and I was worried about finding a company to work with me during the holiday. Luckily I came across Boston Window & Door Company after doing extensive research. They came out to give me a quote on New Years Day and fixed my window the following day. I am very pleased with the service and my new window.

Review Date: 01/08/2016 | Author: Thomas L.

Comments: Customer service was good .

Review Date: 01/07/2016 | Author: Carlos M.

Comments: Very puntual. Fast service good quality work & good price. Thank you. Carlos

Review Date: 01/02/2016 | Author: Dave W.

Comments: William is everything you look for in a contractor - honest quote, quick service, professional skills and a courteous and friendly attitude. He was a real pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for window repair and/or replacement. Great job!

Review Date: 12/30/2015 | Author: Tamiya F.

Comments: Their pricing and quick turn around to get the job done was great. They provided a solution and explained what they would do to complete the job. Wish I knew about them sooner. Much better to work with than Home Depot or Lowe's

Review Date: 12/22/2015 | Author: Sandy T.

Comments: They provided less than one week service, They were courteous, professional and did quality work.

Review Date: 12/14/2015 | Author: Wayne R.

Comments: Very prompt. Had it replaced within 3 hours of calling in the request.

Review Date: 12/11/2015 | Author: Ruth D.

Comments: Was very impressed with his response time in not only calling me but getting the job done quickly.

Review Date: 12/10/2015 | Author: Tim E.

Comments: On time & very professional. price quoted was what on point no surprises.

Review Date: 12/02/2015 | Author: Clinton J.

Comments: Very timely & professional service!

Review Date: 11/09/2015 | Author: Jill J.

Comments: William came immediately after my call to take a look at the broken window - broken during an attempted burglary. He gave me a very reasonable price, and had the work done exactly when he said he would. And he was a nice guy. I had contacted a couple of other window people - they wanted $ just to come look and/ or took forever to respond; I had a broken window for more than 3 weeks. Boston Window did the work quickly, professionally, at a good price, and exactly as promised (within a day). Highly recommend.

Review Date: 11/03/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: His company is very professional they do same day service. They are very fast and quality of work is exceptional. I highly recommend this contractor.

Review Date: 10/03/2015 | Author: Nicole A.

Comments: Very quick and efficient, Mr. Boston was moving faster than I was. I will definitely recommend or use his services again.

Review Date: 09/18/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: William Boston came by and gave me an estimate on the spot. He said he had the materials in his vehicle and within an hour had completed the repair. Very nice to work with and very reasonable. I would recommend using this company

Review Date: 09/16/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Contacted me same day as on line request then came on site within 24 hours to evaluate the damage. Window was repaired without any problems. Customer service was great. I will utilize this company again.

Review Date: 08/23/2015 | Author: Michele D.

Comments: Personable and flexible. Worked with tenant to setup appointments and easy billing process. Cost was reasonable too. Wish all contract work was this smooth.

Review Date: 08/18/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Hard working, excellent job performance, quality material. Not the lowest estimate, but highly professional, good people.

Review Date: 08/04/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He responded on a Saturday just after I had entered my search. When he investigated the broken Pella window mechanism and by removing the parts and taking them to the local Pella shop, he was able to repair the window. We needed to have the work done quickly for a real estate sale. He was a savior. I will have him do some work in mhy house. Another company called 4-5 days later!

Review Date: 08/02/2015 | Author: Tyler L.

Comments: Great business to work with. Repairs were quick, easy, and affordable. Highly recommend

Review Date: 07/31/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: .

Review Date: 07/26/2015 | Author: Ted B.

Comments: Responded quickly, gave me an appt time and was punctual. Took broken glass window and repaired all in the same day. Thank you!

Review Date: 07/16/2015 | Author: Jonathan W.

Comments: Took care of my broken glass window within 3 hours. Great service!

Review Date: 07/12/2015 | Author: Colette A.

Comments: Was on time as discussed on the phone. I planned to fix the cracked window at the end of the month- so all I needed from him was an estimate. His presentation convinced me to have the project done immediately. Project perfectly done as scheduled.

Review Date: 07/07/2015 | Author: Chae M.

Comments: Took care of my broken glass window problem within the 8 hours after the initial contact to delivery & installation. Delivered same day as promised and is very dependable. Very pleased with the turnout!

Review Date: 07/05/2015 | Author: Judith Y.

Comments: Friendly and fair.

Review Date: 06/30/2015 | Author: Bo A.

Comments: Guy came with no logo on his car. Wasn't so sure about his service; yet, I should have known not to judge! I had a broken glass in my window and he was efficient, knowledgeable, even repaired a window that would not open!

Review Date: 06/08/2015 | Author: Shihua C.

Comments: Excellent jobs!

Review Date: 06/05/2015 | Author: Lisa L.

Comments: The service was great. Mr. Boston and his associates are very professional. I love my window. I highly recommend the company!

Review Date: 06/01/2015 | Author: Yvonne L.

Comments: Very fast service.

Review Date: 05/31/2015 | Author: Miguel R.

Comments: Prompt response and service.

Review Date: 05/29/2015 | Author: Melanie Y.

Comments: Very nice and attentive staff. Did the job the same day because they were committed to getting our window in before rainy weather (vs. another company that told us it would be a week before they even did an assessment!). Very nice people

Review Date: 05/29/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Job well done, but not on time. I was kept waiting.

Review Date: 05/28/2015 | Author: Rick H.

Comments: Very knowledgeable and professional. On time and reasonable price for window pane replacement. Excellent communication also.

Review Date: 05/28/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were effecient, repeat full and did a good job.

Review Date: 05/24/2015 | Author: Therese G.

Comments: I really appreciated the quick and professional service from Mr. Boston Sr. It would be good tho know what other services he provides.

Review Date: 05/22/2015 | Author: Paul P.

Comments: Job done well. The installer came late do to truck breaking down around 8:30 pm. No call from office to notified lateness of job. But happy with the work.

Review Date: 05/21/2015 | Author: Brian H.

Comments: Gold Stars across the board! Knowledgeable, courteous, efficient...exemplary performance!

Review Date: 05/21/2015 | Author: Robert M.

Comments: This company is very professional, courteous, and quick.

Review Date: 05/21/2015 | Author: Andrew R.

Comments: Communication throughout the entire process was excellent, very professional and courteous company.

Review Date: 05/20/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very flexible with installation times and even got back to me about an appointment on a Sunday.

Review Date: 05/07/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Came the very next day. Did a great job!

Review Date: 04/30/2015 | Author: Donald H.

Comments: worked out great

Review Date: 04/25/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Knowledgable, reliable

Review Date: 04/24/2015 | Author: Walter C.

Comments: Great customer service

Review Date: 04/23/2015 | Author: Kathy X.

Comments: speedy, reliable, reasonable

Review Date: 04/22/2015 | Author: Dennis R.

Comments: Fast economical and informative employees!

Review Date: 04/20/2015 | Author: Lorraine C.

Comments: professional in knowledge and workmanship. Nice people.

Review Date: 04/11/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Fast and reliable. Thank you.

Review Date: 04/09/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were quick to respond to my request. They did an excellent job. I would only complaint that they were a bit tardy on arriving by about an hour.

Review Date: 03/14/2015 | Author: Shirley A.

Comments: Excellent Service

Review Date: 03/13/2015 | Author: Robert R.

Comments: Mr. Boston was a pleasure to work with. He came out the same day I called and took measurements of two window in which the seal had broken. He gave me an immediate estimate and we scheduled the windows to be replaced. Unfortunately Mother Nature intervened and we had to delay the repair/replacement a couple days.

Review Date: 03/09/2015 | Author: Emma B.

Comments: I hired Mr. Boston to replace a pane of glass that had shattered during the cold weather. He came and measured the pane immediately, and replaced the glass within a couple of days (he doesn't work on Sundays unless it is an emergency, which is perfectly reasonable to me). He cleared up and removed the broken glass, and tidied up after himself. He even fixed another window that was sticking and didn't close properly, without my asking! He was courteous and friendly, and I would definitely recommend him.

Review Date: 03/06/2015 | Author: Dan C.

Comments: He was extremely prompt, professional, cleaned up and did a great job!

Review Date: 02/11/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Although it was a relatively simple pane replacement, the pane was large, and yet the work was scheduled and completed within 24 hours. Mr. Boston's cordial and professional manner of setting up the appointment, affordability, and the quality of his work, as well as his flexibility in scheduling were very refreshing given the other folks I vetted. I can't recommend this company enough, and wish them the best of luck.

Review Date: 01/14/2015 | Author: Robert A.

Comments: They were out in a day and had it completed immediately!

Review Date: 01/10/2015 | Author: Robert A.

Comments: Property had a crack in second floor window during a period of extreme cold weather. Mr Boston contacted me a few minutes after submitting request thru HomeAdvisors, and was out the next morning to measure, fabricate, and install a new window. I highly recommended this company!

Review Date: 01/04/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Mr. Boston and Jorge, his assistant were very pleasant.

Review Date: 01/02/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were professional and affordable.

Review Date: 12/28/2014 | Author: Diane C.

Comments: They worked around my schedule. Came out on Saturday to give me an estimate, and did the work Sunday after Church. I did not have to take time off work to get this done. Amazing!

Review Date: 12/23/2014 | Author: Megan C.

Comments: Responsive, trustworthy and easy to work with. Had a broken window pane, William responded to a HomeAdvisor inquiry and was available to examine the window the very next day. Day after, he removed the window and had it fixed in half a day. Sent me a revised invoice after meeting the first time.

Review Date: 12/23/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The service was great and they responded quickly and did a good job.

Review Date: 12/15/2014 | Author: Brian G.

Comments: Came out right away and fixed our problem in a very timely manner and charged a fair price.

Review Date: 12/10/2014 | Author: Angela B.

Comments: I called and they came to repair window the same day within an hour.

Review Date: 11/27/2014 | Author: Mary V.

Comments: Good job, pleasant workman.

Review Date: 10/24/2014 | Author: Marty V.

Comments: No hassle, immediate response and fixed the problem in less time than I ever dreamed.

Review Date: 10/22/2014 | Author: Gerard H.

Comments: They were fast, clean, responsive, knowledgeable and fairly priced

Review Date: 10/09/2014 | Author: Donna L.

Comments: On time and very pleasant. Would definitely recommend. Price excellent too!

Review Date: 10/09/2014 | Author: Mike G.

Comments: Quick, courteous and flexible!!!

Review Date: 10/01/2014 | Author: Heather A.

Comments: The turn around time was amazing - we had our first phone chat and the work completion in the same day (the task was to replace a broken window pane).

Review Date: 09/19/2014 | Author: Cheryl C.

Comments: William gave the top notch customer service, I could tell he was professional and about getting the job done when he called me back through Home Advisor, he went out and looked at the window the same day, e-mailed me the cost and everything. The whole process took a quick 3 days. The technician he sent knew his job!!! Window is perfect. Good, reliable, prompt customer service is a wonderful thing and I would recommend Boston Window & Door Company to anybody. All this good for a reasonable price.

Review Date: 09/18/2014 | Author: Joanne S.

Comments: I enjoyed working with William. He was quick to come out & assess the work that needed to be done, quick to send a quote, reasonably priced and finished the work the same day I hired him. Would definitely use his company again!

Review Date: 09/12/2014 | Author: Carolyn B.

Comments: William was prompt, he came out the same day of referral from Home Advisor and took the measurements of my broken patio window, ordered the glass installed within 10 days, very happy with Boston Windows and Door Company,. Oh yes price was very reasonable.

Review Date: 09/12/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: William was very quick to call and come out and look at the window. It made me feel like it would be able to be repaired same day, but in the end we had tempered low e glass that needed to be ordered and that took 10 extra days. Once the glass came in though. William had his employee come and install next day. William was very responsive on email through the entire process.

Review Date: 09/05/2014 | Author: Mary ellen G.

Comments: William was quick to respond to my call within several hours and did a professional replacement within 24 hours. He was personable and everything about my interaction was great.

Review Date: 09/03/2014 | Author: Huan W.

Comments: Quick response, good suggestion, professional work, we'll done. My front wall window broken, it's 39x71x1. Thanks, William!

Review Date: 09/01/2014 | Author: Mi H.

Comments: The company was highly responsive, taking my call on a Sunday and coming out on the following day even though it was Labor Day. Very professional and friendly and did the work in one afternoon. I needed a glass panel replace, and they did the very well, even replacing the glass with laminated glass to be in accordance with regulations. I would highly recommend the company again.

Review Date: 08/05/2014 | Author: C.b. W.

Comments: Prompt and courteous service.

Review Date: 08/01/2014 | Author: Adolph E.

Comments: reasonable!

Review Date: 07/29/2014 | Author: David J.

Comments: He was quick and did a good job, saved me money also.

Review Date: 07/28/2014 | Author: Robert K.

Comments: Mr. Boston is very knowledgeable and works with you depending on your needs.

Review Date: 07/08/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Work was done on time and performed professionally. I would not hesitate to contact this company again.

Review Date: 07/03/2014 | Author: Herman G.

Comments: Was prompt, courteous and professional.

Review Date: 07/03/2014 | Author: Mary S.

Comments: He came out right away.. He did the work that same day and had my window repaired and back in within 8 hrs. I was very pleased with everything he did.

Review Date: 06/28/2014 | Author: David W.

Comments: Company rep. Was on site within an hour and had the broken window repaired and re-installed that evening.

Review Date: 06/28/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Work was done on time and did a great repair

Review Date: 06/24/2014 | Author: Mary L.

Comments: I actually had a window repaired. William was really great, he was honest and up front about the work and cost. He did an excellent repair, and cleaned up after himself. Also, he didn't try to up sell me on services I wasn't seeking. I would hire him again!

Review Date: 06/18/2014 | Author: Carolyn H.

Comments: Accurate and great service rendered.

Review Date: 06/15/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very responsive and pleasant.

Review Date: 05/24/2014 | Author: Randy T.

Comments: Would like to share with my friends for this experience.

Review Date: 05/23/2014 | Author: Stephen S.

Comments: very fast service. Very polite workman.

Review Date: 05/16/2014 | Author: Marco F.

Comments: returned my call very fast and was at my home in 2 hours ,worked very clean and neat .Returned the next day with the new glass in the am .

Review Date: 05/14/2014 | Author: Shawn G.

Comments: Mr Boston provided great service and came to estimate the job in a timely manner. He's knowledgable and reasonable. Most will attempt to recommend unneccessay work which refreshing. The final product looks superb! I highly recommend Boston Windows!

Review Date: 04/26/2014 | Author: Elizabeth P.

Comments: I was completely satisfied with the end result and great price.. Contacted Boston Window after hours and received return phone call within the hour. They came out the next morning. Install was performed professionally, they went above and beyond by assisting me with other windows I was removing for cleaning. I highly recommend Boston Window & Door .

Review Date: 04/17/2014 | Author: Sean D.

Comments: This was a great experience. My wife and I are pleased with the fast response and quality of work. The price was fair.

Review Date: 04/16/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Prompt service and very professional

Review Date: 04/15/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Performed the job above average in response time and quality of product regarding the 7 window replacement panes.

Review Date: 04/13/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job

Review Date: 04/04/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: was very quick to respond, Job well done

Review Date: 03/30/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: pointed out a quality issue and resolved right away

Review Date: 03/21/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: punctual, polite, fast. small windows seemed to cost same as large.

Review Date: 03/14/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very professional, courteous & quickly completed job.

Review Date: 03/12/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very professional. Very responsive

Review Date: 03/12/2014 | Author: Dorothea W.

Comments: Very responsive and professional. Would use again

Review Date: 02/15/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great service, very responsive. Felt it was a bit too expensive.

Review Date: 02/08/2014 | Author: Kelly M.

Comments: Now having used Boston Window twice (2yrs apart) to replace broken window panes in my home, I was again impressed by their quick responsiveness (replaced entirely within the same day called), kind professionalism and knowledge. Mr. Boston personally called us back and then followed through to complete the job after normal business hours. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to hire. I wish their business well.

Review Date: 01/16/2014 | Author: Terrance C.

Comments: Highly recommended. I submitted the request in the morniing and Will was able to come to my house the same afternoon and give me an estimate. He took one look at the cracked glass and stated, "I can have this done by today." I was a little skeptical at first because it was now 4pm in the afternoon and the temperature was starting to drop; I didn't want to be cold that evening. By 8pm I had a new glass and window was installed at a reasonable price. Job Well Done!!!

Review Date: 01/05/2014 | Author: Ken P.

Comments: I broke my front plate glass window, they came Saturday night and fixed, very quickly, cleanly, accurately and very good price Saved me when the temperature was less the 11 degrees. Very nice, courteous and reasonable.

Review Date: 01/05/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The window estimate and repair was done the same day I inquired about the job.. Professional, timely and courteous.

Review Date: 12/28/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Quick efficient and professional

Review Date: 12/21/2013 | Author: Stanley Z.

Comments: Fast, courteous service. Same day repair.

Review Date: 12/19/2013 | Author: Steve K.

Comments: very polite and timely

Review Date: 12/10/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Mr. Boston was a little absent minded. He misplaced my number on multiple occasions. I was happy with the overall work though.

Review Date: 12/09/2013 | Author: Andre S.

Comments: Very professional, quick response and great work. I would hire again in a heart beat.

Review Date: 11/27/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Prompt, courteous, job well done.

Review Date: 11/18/2013 | Author: Fran C.

Comments: The were very quick and reliable.

Review Date: 11/18/2013 | Author: David L.

Comments: They did a good job and worked fast.

Review Date: 10/07/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: A little delay with installation, but overall a very good job and reasonably priced.

Review Date: 09/13/2013 | Author: Bradley P.

Comments: While most of the glass repair contractors I spoke with quoted 3-5 business days for fabrication and replacement, Boston Window was able to measure, fabricate and replace my glass window the same day as the service call!

Review Date: 09/05/2013 | Author: Mark D.

Comments: Very Responsive and reasonably priced. Mr. Boston is very professional. He replaced a broken bedroom window from vandalism. Would highly recommend this company. Mr. Boston is currently providing additional window services throughput my home. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Review Date: 08/27/2013 | Author: Laverne B.

Comments: Prompt , efficient and courteous

Review Date: 08/22/2013 | Author: Val H.

Comments: Very Responsive and reasonably priced. Mr. Boston is very professional. Would highly recommend this company

Review Date: 08/19/2013 | Author: Cheryl G.

Comments: Very efficient, extremely professional. I intend to use their service for years to come!

Review Date: 08/05/2013 | Author: Joe E.

Comments: Dear Mr. Boston, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new patio door. I can actually see and enjoy my backyard! Jonathan and Diego are real pros; the installation, from removing the old door to repairing the rotted sill, installing the new door, customizing the trim and cleaning up was meticulous. The excellent workmanship and attention to detail was much appreciated. Feel free to use me a reference. Best, Joseph Eckhaus Silver Spring, MD 20905

Review Date: 07/31/2013 | Author: Syrenia W.

Comments: He was very professional and gave some helpful suggestions. I will recommend to family and friends.

Review Date: 07/23/2013 | Author: Dan V.

Comments: Mr. Boston and his staff were extremely PROMPT, COURTEOUS, and EFFICIENT. We are 100% completely satisfied - not to mention he had the most reasonable bid. We would definitely use again!

Review Date: 07/18/2013 | Author: Ashok S.

Comments: Great.

Review Date: 07/05/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He did a good job. Just stay more in contact with client. Keep them up to date on progress.

Review Date: 06/10/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Mr. Boston was a very nice guy and a very professonal yet cool. The only negative is that it took 3 weeks.

Review Date: 06/01/2013 | Author: Ed H.

Comments: Mr. Boston was very professional, friendly and efficient. He followed up his initial measurements for our replacement windows after we received his proposal, and gave him our acceptance. The installers were curteous and knowledgeable, and did an outstanding job on the installation.

Review Date: 05/30/2013 | Author: Donald H.

Comments: Such a nice man, William. Does what he says he will do and shows up when he said he would. Love the service.

Review Date: 05/20/2013 | Author: Sharon W.

Comments: I couldn't have been happier!

Review Date: 05/13/2013 | Author: Ramon D.

Comments: Does good work. The are very responsive and professional. Works cleanly and has attention to details. Are an honest company.

Review Date: 04/20/2013 | Author: Scott M.

Comments: William was great and the guys he sent out for my job were fast and professional. Great work!!

Review Date: 04/10/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: William was very responsive and took his time to ensure it was correct. He also paid attention not to damage the property and cleaned up after the work was complete.

Review Date: 04/02/2013 | Author: Marion L.

Comments: I have a leak by my beedroom window. Boston Window and Door was the first to respond. William was able to come the next day, shorly afer we spoke. He was polite and knowledgeable. He was considerate, removing his shoes when he entered my condo. William knew what to do. He inspected the window carefully, as well as the area outside of my window. He concluded that the problem was outside, not the window itself. Despite the fact that he came to give a free estimate, he agreed to , and quickly folllowed through with, an e-mail stating the problem, so that I can give it to my condo association.I appreciate his expertise, honesty, and help.

Review Date: 03/28/2013 | Author: Jane S.

Comments: Outstanding professional; fast, neat, honest worker. Excellent prices. Would recommend to anyone.

Review Date: 02/13/2013 | Author: Vince A.

Comments: Mr. Boston is professional and a very pleasant man. He takes pride in the quality of his work. I appreciate his attention to details. A great company to do business with!

Review Date: 01/18/2013 | Author: Carmen J.

Comments: I received a quick reply and immediate service. My quick timeline was met without any trouble or additional cost. Friendly and knowlegable.

Review Date: 12/18/2012 | Author: Sam E.

Comments: Overall a great experience!!!

Review Date: 11/28/2012 | Author: Cyr L.

Comments: I would definitely use Boston Window Company again. Absolutely no complaints.

Review Date: 11/07/2012 | Author: John D.

Comments: No comment

Review Date: 10/07/2012 | Author: Mabel V.

Comments: Keep up yhe good work.

Review Date: 09/13/2012 | Author: Marlene T.

Comments: Mr. William E. Boston Sr. is a proffesional and responsible person... He has done an excellent job...

Review Date: 08/25/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Overall, the job was well done. But, there could have been better communication.

Review Date: 07/31/2012 | Author: Roger C.

Comments: Response time was great.

Review Date: 07/30/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Next day availability, excellent work. 5 stars all the way. Will look forward to hiring you for future projects for sure.

Review Date: 07/30/2012 | Author: Shanika W.

Comments: William was great!!! He supervised his employee's work...and you can tell he knows windows and doors like the back of his hand. Will surely work with him again!

Review Date: 07/22/2012 | Author: David R.

Comments: They have an oustanding customer service, quick response and very professional, You will not be dissapointed. I have requested to replace a large glass on a fixed window, they did not have it in stock, but ordered and installed in the time the promissed. I do not have experience enough about windows or glass replacement, but to be honest, the work done was not pretty as I expected. The glass is functional, is on place and is doing what its function is, but it is not sharp to the frame, you can see that the glass has been replaced very easy, I believe it is a bit short of the right size and they just found the way to adjusted to the frame.

Review Date: 07/19/2012 | Author: Frank O.

Comments: With multiple contractors required to resolve storm damage to my property, it was great to have Bosotn Window there when I needed to repair a kitchen window. A real pro!

Review Date: 07/17/2012 | Author: Mary M.

Comments: I am very pleased with my window repair. The quality and cost of the repair was wonderful!

Review Date: 07/11/2012 | Author: Clyde S.

Comments: Pleased with the service

Review Date: 07/10/2012 | Author: Keith T.

Comments: William Boston was very professional & performed excellent work; I would highly recomend him to anyone & if I have the need again would call him first.

Review Date: 06/24/2012 | Author: Timothy C.

Comments: very personable and offered advice beyond the project at hand. Offered value added details at no extra charge. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 06/22/2012 | Author: Justin M.

Comments: We were the victim of a robbery in our home. They broke a two layer insulated glass panel. These were new windows and needed to be custom made. William, called me right away, he came out on a Saturday. He made time for me at the drop of the hat. I couldn?t be there when he came because of having to take care of things relating to the robbery. He left his business card in my mailbox, quoted me a price and worked out the terms that were very great for us! He actually replaced our window even though I still had the window boarded up. His work was perfect! I would recommend him over any other company! Thank you Boston Window & Door!

Review Date: 06/05/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The service tech was very nice and worked hard to complete the project. Very helpful as he took time to show me how to properly operate the windows.

Review Date: 05/25/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Came out quickly, gave good advice, great job.

Review Date: 04/30/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: William got back with us immediately, and was very helpful.

Review Date: 04/24/2012 | Author: Mike S.

Comments: The Boston Window Rep was on time for the appointment and very straight forward with the cost estimate and work. Would highly recommend to anyone. Will definitely use this company again.

Review Date: 04/22/2012 | Author: Roy E.

Comments: William was quick to respond and had our damaged glass ordered and installed very quickly and professionally. We we so comfortable with this company that we had two other minor window projects that we had been putting off taken care of at the same time.

Review Date: 04/05/2012 | Author: Seng K.

Comments: 190% very good

Review Date: 03/21/2012 | Author: Justin A.

Comments: Mr. Boston responded to my query only hours after I submitted it. I talked to him the next morning and we agreed that he would come out for an estimate that afternoon. Instead of just doing an estimate, he actually offered to complete the job on site. 90 minutes later the job was done. Great experience

Review Date: 03/13/2012 | Author: Lee A.

Comments: William Boston of Boston Windows is one of the nices people I've met and deal with. He went that extra distance to ensure my windows were repair/replaced properly. I will use him again - and will highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Review Date: 02/29/2012 | Author: Diane H.

Comments: We are very pleased with the work and price. We would use his service again.

Review Date: 02/27/2012 | Author: Blake M.

Comments: Boston Window was great! Offered a great deal to fix my window and screens. Took a bit for the order to come in, but once it did, Boston Window was quick to install!

Review Date: 02/17/2012 | Author: Rod L.

Comments: Great Company and Professional!

Review Date: 02/02/2012 | Author: Vernita D.

Comments: He called right away & Iwas so happy with the glass replacement that I will use him for other window projects.

Review Date: 01/13/2012 | Author: Marcus J.

Comments: very courteous and informative about the project.

Review Date: 01/05/2012 | Author: Paula D.

Comments: The service man came right away and did a great job. He was a really nice friendly guy, too.

Review Date: 12/31/2011 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Responsive, professional, knowledgable, efficient, respectful, fairly priced. I would definitely use Mr. Boston again in the future.

Review Date: 11/07/2011 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Reliable and good job.

Review Date: 10/16/2011 | Author: Steve R.

Comments: Nice guy, reasonable estimate, good service.

Review Date: 09/16/2011 | Author: Joseph Q.

Comments: He did a wonderful job of boarding up our broken window and ordering the new window and installing it. He got it all installed in a timely manor. I will use him again for any window work at my house. He is also really friendly.

Review Date: 08/15/2011 | Author: Linda P.

Comments: Dealing with Mr. Boston was a pleasure.

Review Date: 07/25/2011 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: good job

Review Date: 07/14/2011 | Author: Fred S.

Comments: They did a very nice job on my project and would use them again

Review Date: 07/01/2011 | Author: John S.

Comments: "The project was top notch. Final project turned out great!"

Review Date: 05/06/2011 | Author: Yvonne B.

Comments: Mr. Boston, was very nice and explain everything to me

Review Date: 05/04/2011 | Author: Sara V.

Comments: We had two broken windows that needed to be replaced for us to sell our house. Mr. Boston was helpful and understood our needs. Despite it being a very small job, he was responsive, helpful, professional and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone who needs windows repaired or replaced.

Review Date: 05/02/2011 | Author: Ernest H.

Comments: William was friendly and got the job done the same day.

Review Date: 04/08/2011 | Author: Kay F.

Comments: Great Job , well done

Review Date: 04/01/2011 | Author: Jean G.

Comments: I was called back so fast I was totally was a good day, a man was sent to my home and did the job quickly, and neatly. I am VERY pleased that I found Mr. Boston and his company.

Review Date: 03/18/2011 | Author: Michelle J.

Comments: Boston Window & Door did a great job for me. They replaced my patio glass door which was shattered by our alarm system technician when he was installing a new sensor. I put in the service call to Boston Window and they responded within 30 minutes. They then had a repair man at my house within an hour or so to inspect the damage and provide me with an estimate. The replacement glass was ordered and then replaced the very next day. I was extremely pleased with the expeditious service and the quality of the job. I will use them again for sure.

Review Date: 03/13/2011 | Author: James K.

Comments: Boston Window responded promptly and gave me a detailed price quotation for two replacement windows and replacement of a clouded pane in another window. William Boston was pleasant and helpful, and the installers were very capable. The project was completed within several weeks, including the manufacture of custom-measured windows. I did not give 5 stars throughout only because it's only been several days since the windows were installed. But so far, the job was perfect! Also, the installers were very neat and careful when working indoors.

Review Date: 03/13/2011 | Author: Pam B.

Comments: recommend Boston Window for dependable and reasonably priced

Review Date: 03/06/2011 | Author: Jennifer K.

Comments: The Pro provided a timely an accurate estimate and removed the damage window upon completion of the job.

Review Date: 02/27/2011 | Author: Megan T.

Comments: Really impressed with the service, fair price, and overall experience. If I need another window replacement, I'll definitely go with Boston.

Review Date: 02/15/2011 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Would definitely use again. On time, quality work, reasonable price.

Review Date: 01/22/2011 | Author: Godfrey O.

Comments: The windows job was completed satisfactorily. I have given them another window to complete. Thanks for sending Boston Window & Door Company.

Review Date: 10/14/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: .

Review Date: 10/09/2010 | Author: Yetta H.

Comments: The service was excellent. The owner came out and provided an estimate the same day I requested. He was very professional and courteous. The estimate was very reasonable and the work was conducted in a timely manner and was excellent quality. I would recommend this company to friends and family and hire them for future jobs.

Review Date: 10/07/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job! Very quick service! I'm very happy!

Review Date: 09/25/2010 | Author: Nel C.

Comments: Excellence customer service...technician arrived on time and completed job timely.

Review Date: 09/23/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very difficult fix that was done perfectly. excellent company. would recommend to anyone.

Review Date: 09/20/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Good service, job done well. Mr. Boston called immediately and had someone out to measure my windows the next day. But then I had to call him to get the price estimate after a few days. When the glass was ready, he called and had someone out to install it the next day.

Review Date: 08/05/2010 | Author: Ed W.

Comments: They were timely and reasonably priced. Mr. Boston also took time to repair a torn screen that I mentioned.

Review Date: 08/03/2010 | Author: Friedel K.

Comments: The damaged window was replaced in two weeks. I could not be happier with the result. Thank you for recommending Boston Window & Door Company.

Review Date: 08/02/2010 | Author: William M.

Comments: Mr. Boston and his company was wonderful! He called as soon as I filled out the request, measured the window glass that day, and installed the new window glass in a workmanship manner. He also called during the, "order week" to let me know how things were going. Overall, VERY PROFESSIONAL!

Review Date: 07/17/2010 | Author: James B.

Comments: very quik to respond, pleasant to work with

Review Date: 06/28/2010 | Author: Alan A.

Comments: Boston Window & Door WAS THE BEST!!! The owner (William) was prompt and a man of his word. He didn't make promises he couldn't keep. Very sensitive to the emergency that I had! I will ONLY use Boston Window & Door Company for my future window issues.

Review Date: 06/18/2010 | Author: Cheryl B.

Comments: Prompt response and installation.

Review Date: 06/13/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Always answered phone calls. Polite and knowledgable

Review Date: 05/23/2010 | Author: Vincent M.

Comments: I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Boston Window & Door Co.

Review Date: 05/09/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The work was done within the quoted time and budget. It was done well. My only criticism is with the level of communication. I had to call to find out wat day the work would be done and then had to call again to find out the time.

Review Date: 05/04/2010 | Author: Karolina G.

Comments: Great- fast, clean, reasonable... thank you

Review Date: 04/28/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Service was prompt and excellent. Very professional.

Review Date: 04/27/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I was able to get the work done on the same day and the price was great!

Review Date: 04/26/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He came out on an emergency call and fixed the broken glass like new! Excellent flexibility for last minute project.

Review Date: 03/22/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great!

Review Date: 03/21/2010 | Author: Joseph K.

Comments: Excellent ,responce and quality work ,fair price

Review Date: 03/19/2010 | Author: Donald D.

Comments: Very good and the job is completed. Looks great.

Review Date: 03/09/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great experience. William Boston called me within 2 minutes of submitting Service Magic request and he came over the same day to take window measurement. He's very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely will recommend him to friends and family.

Review Date: 03/05/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Thanks?William Boston was great and the job is done.

Review Date: 02/16/2010 | Author: Genevieve H.

Comments: Mr. Boston is very professional and friendly. He made this emergency experience for me very easy. I commend him on his timely manner and well adversity in this field.

Review Date: 02/11/2010 | Author: Gary D.

Comments: Very Professional.... Great Windows. I never heard about the manufacture Boston Windows recommends: "Simonton" I Googled the company.... JD Power gave it the highest rating (#1) , they beat Anderson and Pella (#4). Great reviews across the board. Un-beatable, no haggle price. He beat my lowest estimate by more than 33% and beat most by more than 50%. I was amazed at the "Hard Sell" the other contractors put me through. (i.e. Save $8000 if you sign today).

Review Date: 02/11/2010 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: they were on time and did the work very well.

Review Date: 01/11/2010 | Author: Katherine H.

Comments: Mr. Boston and his staff were very professional. I felt that the price quoted was reasonable. And I am more than satisfied with the work. There was a slight delay in getting the work completed, but that was due to the timing of the job, (the blizzard hit and then the holidays), not the company. I've already recommended them to two of my relatives. Mr. Boston went above and beyond my expectations.

Review Date: 12/15/2009 | Author: Jitesh A.

Comments: I would highly recommend Boston Window & Door Company for their next project. William who actually is the owner of the company was the one who actually performed all the work. From the beginning he was very polite and courteous. He understood what we needed and went way beyond to help us. He told us exactly what we needed and didn't try to sell any other services to us. We liked the work he did for us and we definitely will be using him for our future projects and we would definitely be recommending him to friends and family.

Review Date: 11/18/2009 | Author: Susan H.

Comments: We were very impressed with the quick response to our request. Very happy with the repair and the polite and professional staff. Definitely would recommend to our neighbors and friends.

Review Date: 11/13/2009 | Author: Patricia F.

Comments: The guy who came out did an excellent job. He was fast, quiet, and professional. I would definitely recommend them to someone who needed a repair or installation. There were two things that they should work on: 1) I made the appointment, but the person who took it at Boston Window forgot to write it down. I was expecting them between 9-10. At 10:15 I called and was told that he had forgotten but was on his way. I called again at 11:26 just a couple of minutes before the guy showed up. 2) the guy didn't have any receipts and said he'd have the office send me one in the mail. He did write one for me on the spot though.

Review Date: 11/08/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very easy to work with. Quick and friendly service.

Review Date: 11/03/2009 | Author: Mike D.

Comments: They were here within a couple hours and did a great job.

Review Date: 10/29/2009 | Author: Herman f. sr D.

Comments: After meeting Mr. Boston, which took some time, Every thing went well. He did the measurements, ordered the parts and the installation was completed as promised. I am very pleased with the project.

Review Date: 10/24/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very courtious and efficient

Review Date: 10/01/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Mr. Boston checked the window and identified the problem. Indicated that I should contact the company that made the window regarding the warranty to have it repaired or replaced.

Review Date: 09/20/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Lost contact awaiting estimate

Review Date: 09/18/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: William is very responsive.

Review Date: 09/16/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Replaced 3 damaged insulated units in replacement vinyl windows. Nice job with no mess. Only major hitch was that Mr Boston seemed to keep forgetting my cell phone number, which resulted in a missed call to tell me when the installation was to take place.

Review Date: 09/12/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Does things the right way - was very helpful in giving advice concerning other potential repairs.

Review Date: 09/10/2009 | Author: Stacy S.

Comments: Boston did a great job at a reasonable price, we will definitely use them again if needed in the future.

Review Date: 08/24/2009 | Author: Mitch F.

Comments: saved me money and worked around my schedule

Review Date: 08/20/2009 | Author: Heide S.

Comments: Mr. William Boston personally contacted me by telephone within minutes of you notifying me that Boston Window & Door is the company that can do the job for me. He was courteous and kind. I received an immediate appointment and a free estimate. Mr. Boston bent backwards to try and solve the window repair for me. Once I decided which way I wanted to proceed, the windows were ordered and installed within in reasonable time. Mr. Boston's crew performed an excellent job and were very professional. I'm quite happy with their product and performance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

Review Date: 08/14/2009 | Author: Joell H.

Comments: They are Outstanding !!

Review Date: 08/09/2009 | Author: Lloyd B.


Review Date: 08/06/2009 | Author: Ben Y.

Comments: Upfront pricing, windows were installed quickly. Look great. Thinking about buying a new door.

Review Date: 07/29/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They came right away, they were very professional and friendly and they fixed the window the next day at a good price. Great company.

Review Date: 07/10/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They responded promptly and with a fair price. The work was done well and punctually.

Review Date: 07/01/2009 | Author: Beverly J.

Comments: very fast and efficient

Review Date: 06/30/2009 | Author: Prashant D.

Comments: Very Good; Briefly examined the damage, gave an estimate and ordered the window.Fixed double hung window and other minor stuff. Very friendly and knowledgable. Will surely recommend to others.

Review Date: 06/24/2009 | Author: Terry B.

Comments: He showed up on time, did the job, he did an excellent job!

Review Date: 06/20/2009 | Author: Stephen P.

Comments: Prompt, affordable, nice job!

Review Date: 06/16/2009 | Author: Brian H.

Comments: They did a good job but we had a hard time getting them to call my husband on his cell phone. He left them 3 messages at various times telling them that is where he wanted to be called and they continued to call and leave us messages on our home phone. When they finally came to install, they just rang the doorbell out front and never called him in advance. Good thing he was home taking a nap or he would have missed them entirely!

Review Date: 06/04/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Pleasant to deal with. Was able to fit our estimate in the day I called. Price was better than the other estimate I got.

Review Date: 06/02/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They did a great job! We were very pleased with the work.

Review Date: 06/01/2009 | Author: Clarence H.

Comments: Very friendly people and fast service too. I called in for the problem in the morning and he got to my place in afternoon. He ordered the windows that day and installed them the following week. Very professional and highly recommended.

Review Date: 05/21/2009 | Author: Melanie H.

Comments: Efficient, reliable and honest. They replaced my doorknob while quoting my window without charge. Quick and non-invasive. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. The other guys wanted $65 to just come quote the window. They did it for a flat fee and that's all I paid.

Review Date: 05/20/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very responsive. Quick to arrive. Great work. Very satisfied.

Review Date: 05/18/2009 | Author: Arthur N.

Comments: They follow through as promised with quick and professional manner. I am very satisfied with the level of service this company offers and will use them again in the future.

Review Date: 05/09/2009 | Author: Tony U.

Comments: Great price for a quick replacement. The new window did not match the former window exactly but Mr Boston did a great job getting it to fit in.

Review Date: 04/30/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They did a good job!

Review Date: 04/29/2009 | Author: Nick F.

Comments: Called within 5 minutes of placing request. Cheaper estimate than anyone else. Performed repair the following day, and sent me an invoice via email. Very nice work!

Review Date: 04/28/2009 | Author: Desiree K.

Comments: William was very nice and professional. He completed the job when he estimated the job was to be completed. He quoted a great rate and the glass looks beautiful.

Review Date: 04/13/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Outstanding -- the best evaluation I can give!! I will use this Company agin and will recommend as needed.

Review Date: 03/29/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: job is not completed yet but the intial part of the job was performed well

Review Date: 03/25/2009 | Author: Bernard N.

Comments: It was very timely as I had to have the work done for the security of my house after thieves broke into my house...

Review Date: 03/22/2009 | Author: Rita O.

Comments: Mr. Boston and his partner, Jimmy, replaced the glass in 8 of our windows (top & bottom), repaired broken parts in those windows and our bay window in approximately 6 1/2 hours. They did not break for lunch, and were very neat and cleaned up on the job. Their work was excellent. I would definitely recommend their work.

Review Date: 03/10/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: fast, professional, and courteous!

Review Date: 03/03/2009 | Author: Mohan R.

Comments: extremely satisfied.

Review Date: 03/02/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He did a great job! Showed up on time and was courteous!

Review Date: 02/09/2009 | Author: Janice S.

Comments: Very efficient.

Review Date: 01/29/2009 | Author: Gracie B.


Review Date: 01/25/2009 | Author: Charles M.

Comments: Needed a window replaced and Mr. Boston was at my home within 2 hrs. Very professional with years of experience. Price was very reasonable and he made sure everything was clean and that I was satisfied before he left. Highly recommend to anyone.

Review Date: 01/19/2009 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Came out next day and service was great.

Review Date: 12/29/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very prompt reply to my inquiry. Came over same day. Very courteous.

Review Date: 12/22/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very helpful. Very professional.

Review Date: 12/16/2008 | Author: Joann S.

Comments: Excellent, thanks.

Review Date: 12/01/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He was very professional and did the job in a timely manner.

Review Date: 12/01/2008 | Author: Jolanda C.

Comments: I will definaltly use him again.

Review Date: 11/29/2008 | Author: Mike G.


Review Date: 11/25/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He did a great job.

Review Date: 11/22/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Boston repaired broken glass in window pane, even though they traditionally do full window replacement.

Review Date: 11/12/2008 | Author: Nirvina M.

Comments: Mr. Boston was very polite and accommodating. He placed a specialty order for our window replacement, and the work was done quickly and done well.

Review Date: 11/07/2008 | Author: Yesenia P.

Comments: Let me know what I needed and worked out great! Timely and courteous! Thanks William.

Review Date: 11/03/2008 | Author: Kanishk S.

Comments: Quick turnaround. Very experienced and knowledgeable contractor.

Review Date: 10/29/2008 | Author: Dmitri R.

Comments: very positive

Review Date: 09/27/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job!

Review Date: 09/08/2008 | Author: Leslie W.

Comments: I would give this contractor the highest rating: not only did he come out the day after I called, but he replaced the shattered glass in my sliding glass door for one of the lowest prices quoted by the five or six contractors I contacted.

Review Date: 08/23/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The workers the company assigned to the job were very professioinal and pereformed very well and were knowledgable. AT/

Review Date: 07/28/2008 | Author: Henry K.

Comments: Very professional, personable and focused. I would highly recommend this organization. It is not often that you have the good fortune to locate a reliable service professional.

Review Date: 07/20/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Mr. Boston was excellent. Very fast and reliable.

Review Date: 06/24/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very responsive and completed the work in the time frame needed.

Review Date: 06/20/2008 | Author: Ron F.

Comments: He came in on time and under budget!

Review Date: 06/13/2008 | Author: Barry R.

Comments: William was very quick to respond, and came out to look at my window the same day of contact. I will use Boston window again, and recomend him and his Co. to everyone I know.

Review Date: 06/12/2008 | Author: David C.

Comments: It's the perfect company I found to replace the glass in my window with a reasonable price and cheaper than other companies including Home Depot and Lowe's! The replaced window was exactly the same as original! Wow! I truly recommend you to use this company if you have a broken glass in the window and the window vinyl is not necessary to replace, then here's the company for you. Marvelous job! :)

Review Date: 06/05/2008 | Author: Paula K.

Comments: Very thorough and professional job.

Review Date: 05/24/2008 | Author: Antionette H.

Comments: Very pleased with the service! Mr. Boston arrived when he said he would, and delivered my new window when promised.

Review Date: 05/20/2008 | Author: Anne S.

Comments: Boston did an excellent job of replacing a half round window. Very careful. Good communication. Reliable and timely installation.

Review Date: 05/19/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: William was very responsive and helpful. He gave a great quote and was timely and effective in completing the job. The tenants are extremely satisfied with the work.

Review Date: 05/19/2008 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job on new window installation

Review Date: 06/20/2005 | Author: a Neighbor

Review Date: 03/09/2004 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: A true professional. It is a pleasure to work with someone who has expertise, efficiency and charm in equal portions!

Review Date: 09/14/2003 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Boston Window and Door Company installed my windows in the time promised and gave me a very high quality window for the best price in town. I had six prior estimates and this one was by far the best value. The installation was quick, professional, and they left my property completely free of debris. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable, honest contractor for window and door replacement. Excellent service and very skilled workmanship. I love my windows!

Review Date: 08/13/2003 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I have a beautiful window that was very professionaly installed by very nice and courteous people at a very good price. Cleanup was impeccable. The window was a challenging one, as it was replacing an old 9-pane picture window with three insulated ones. The result is beautiful! I would certainly call Boston Window again, and would highly recommend them.

Review Date: 07/06/2003 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I would hire Boston Window & Door Company again.

Review Date: 07/02/2003 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: BOSTON WINDOW & DOOR CO. - WILLIAM E. BOSTON SR. did an excellent job of installing my new windows. I cannot thank them enough. The replacement windows look great. And because of the swift service and professionalism, I was able to put my house on the market and it sold in less than 4 days!